Your Shoparoo Resources

Use the materials below to gain more support at your school - the more participants you have, the more you'll earn together! Schools with just 40 active participants are earning over $1,000 every year!

Presentation for Parents & Teachers

Here's a fun, short presentation that explains what parents and teachers will want to know about the Shoparoo app: how it works, why it's different from (and better than) other school fundraisers, and how to get started! Want to get everyone on board at your school? Share this slideshow at your next PTA/PTO meeting!

Reminder Posters & Flyers

Print 'em & hang 'em around school!

Overview Posters & Flyers

Print 'em & hang 'em around school!

Shoparoo Newsletter

We've drafted a short description of Shoparoo for you to include in your school's newsletter, email out to your fellow fundraising parents, post on Facebook, or even include on your school's website. Just copy, paste, and share!

Shoparoo Logos & Icons

Creating your own flyer? Adding Shoparoo to your school website's fundraising page? Add the Shoparoo logo!

Ideas & Inspiration

Take some tips from fellow parents, students, teachers and administrators who have fun spreading the word around school about Shoparoo!

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