Head back to school this year with our new version of Shoparoo! We've added a few great features to help you earn even more this year for your school - be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get live updates, cool ideas, and pro tips for hassle-free fundraising with Shoparoo!

All Shopping Receipts

introduce_new_shoparoo_all_receipts.png One of the most exciting announcements we have this Back-to-School season is that Shoparoo is now accepting all types of shopping receipts, not just those from grocery stores. All receipts from restaurants and non-grocery retailers (including clothing stores, home improvement stores, sports stores, and many more) count as entries into both our $1,000 monthly sweepstakes and $15,000 yearly sweepstakes! Submit up to 50 of these types of receipts within a rolling 7 day period to give your school the best shot at taking home the prize!

Grade Competitions

introduce_new_shoparoo_grades.png Here at Shoparoo, we want fundraising to be fun. We created grade competitions so your school can raise money and school spirit at the same time! In the Shoparoo app Home screen, select the grade you would like to represent, then invite friends in your grade and other grades to unlock these competitions. Throw a pizza or popcorn party for the leading grade and have fun with Grade Competitions!

Spread The Word

introduce_new_shoparoo_referral.png This past school year, U.S. schools earned close to half a million dollars by snapping receipts with Shoparoo! Those schools that had around 50 active supporters earned $1000 or more…So how can you get everyone at your school on board with Shoparoo? We know you’ve got a busy schedule, and that’s why we’re making it even easier this year to spread the word, and fundraising is more fun with friends anyway. Use your personal referral code (found in the Shoparoo app) to Roo-cruit more supporters and earn bonus Roo Points at the same time. You’ll earn a bonus 150 Roo Points for each friend who joins Shoparoo with your code and submits a qualifying receipt! Your friend will also earn a bonus 100 Roo Points for your school, or any school of his or her choice. So get that code out there any way you can – text, email, word of mouth, Facebook post, tweet, newsletter, smoke signal…

The New Shoparoo.com

introduce_new_shoparoo_site.png Check out our beautiful new hub – www.Shoparoo.com – for all things Shoparoo including in-depth answers to frequently asked questions, great tools for spreading the word on your school’s website and newsletter, access to our rockstar support team and more. Follow us on Facebook and other social networks to get the latest and greatest from Shoparoo, and as always….

Happy Fundraising!

You can find Shoparoo 3.0 on the App Store and Google Play now!